Goldberg Says He’s Having a Miserable WWE Run

By Dairyll John (@Dairyll) | March 29, 2017 10:30 AM PDT | News, WWE

Goldberg (WWE Raw)

Goldberg was on the first ever episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness hosted by Adam “Edge” Copeland and Jay “Christian” Reso. This is a continuation of his guesting there. He discussed how miserable he feels in his current run in the WWE and how he’s not able to remember his entrance routine.. You can read some of the highlights below.

On being a machine, not being able to work like he did 13 years ago

“I am nothing but a machine now. I get up in the morning. I eat. I train. I eat. I go to the bathroom about 20 times intermittently throughout the day because I’m shoving 15 to 20,000 calories in my body and it doesn’t know what’s going on. At 50 years old, it has no idea. […] It’s the toughest thing I ever embarked upon, guys. I’m 13 years removed from the business. I can’t name a power wrestler who has come back 13 freaking years afterwards. And then, within 20 pounds of what he was back then.”

On forgetting how to do his entrance, the infamous headbutt

“People are expecting me to be able to do exactly what I did back then. Well, I mean, let’s be honest, man. I forgot how to go through my pyro! I honestly, I swear to God, I actively, when I came back to the WWE, each and every time I went through Gorilla [position], I would remember another thing that I had forgotten in my preparation. I throw my punches. I throw my kicks. I pull my hamstring throwing a kick! Throwing a kick! It’s ridiculous.

“How about when I knocked myself out on the door? Did you hear that one? You didn’t hear that one? I did that, I don’t know, a month ago. So, well, yeah, man. My way of getting ready, you know me, man. They knock on my door, I pour water on my head, so I don’t catch on fire from the sparks, and I headbutt the door. I’m a neanderthal. That’s what I do, right?”

On being miserable in his current run as a part of the WWE roster

“I’ll be honest, I’m miserable. I’m absolutely miserable. But my family’s having fun, man. And so, every single thing, every training session, every ART massage that makes me cry, every muay thai session, it’s all worth it, man. It’s just worth it. And, hey, at the end of the day, if I want to smile, I’ll buy a car. That’s how I’m happy. I did, I bought one on the way back from [Survivor Series in] Toronto because I worked my ass off. Nobody get me wrong when I say I’ve been miserable throughout this, but I am. I’m miserable. I’m bloated 24 hours a day. I’m stressed 24 hours a day. I don’t sleep, but it’s a small price to pay.”


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