The WWE Ruined Seth Rollins by Refusing to Book Him as a Face

By Dairyll John (@Dairyll) | March 4, 2017 6:18 PM PDT | Articles, WWE

Seth Rollins (WWE Network)

In just two years, a stable composed of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins ran roughshod over the WWE. Debuting as The Shield in November 2012, they were not defeated until May 2013. This dominant force held the United States and Tag Team titles while scoring impressive wins over The Wyatt Family and even the Evolution. After they disbanded, “The Architect” Seth Rollins went on to be the first hound of justice to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at the main event of WrestleMania 31. It was all downhill from there.

Seth Rollins returned from his devastating knee injury after the main event of Extreme Rules 2016. He received one of the biggest pops when he delivered a Pedigree to Roman Reigns after The Big Dog’s title defense against AJ Styles. Rollins followed up on it the next night on Raw declaring that he didn’t need anyone on his side. This would’ve been great had the WWE continued with this side of Rollins. For months, everyone was excited to see how The Architect would “redesign, rebuild and reclaim” his path to the top. What does the WWE do? Rollins, who was getting loud babyface pops, was booked as a heel against Reigns who was getting booed in almost every arena. Though Rollins defeated Reigns cleanly at Money in the Bank, Dean Ambrose cashed in right after. This setup a storyline between the three that lacked sufficient heat due to Reigns’ suspension.

The WWE finally gave in and started booking Seth Rollins as a face against Kevin Owens but it was 5 months too late. Rollins was no longer getting the same responses he used to. Why would he? The crowd was rooting for Owens to not get booked like Rollins did during his time under Triple H and Stephanie McMahons’s Authority. Nursing another knee injury, Seth Rollins returned on a February 27, 2017 edition of Raw where he cut a promo that solidified his babyface alignment.. to a crowd chanting “CM Punk!” That’s what you get when you book a Superstar as the bipolar anti-Reigns: someone who’s stuck in tweener limbo that never wins unless there’s outside shenanigans.

If Seth Rollins’ surprise appearance at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio is any indication, then all hope is not lost. Let’s hope that Seth Rollins does show up at this year’s WrestleMania to destroy Triple H and finally get the babyface run that he deserves.

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